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for business

For business matters, or anything that has to do with a contract. Contact Stephan Oorbeek of Muzikology. He’s manager to Vato Gonzalez and his partner-in-crime on all things Dirty House. Most of all, he’s the legal brains of this entire operation. Don’t bother sending demos his way, unless you’d love to feed the trash can. He’s all about licensing, publishing, copyrights, events – business. Basically, he eats paperwork for breakfast.

for music

For matters of music, send Vato Gonzalez a DM on his Instagram. We used to have a demo mail. Got spammed to oblivion. Got another demo mail. Same thing. Got a demo-drop account at some service; guess what happened. Vato has been hidden in pain sight for years. Just jot him a picture of a funny looking sloth and a link to a tune. 9/10 he’ll respond.

.. but never for

  • Social media placements. We dislike content being shoved down our throats just as much as you. Just because we’ve got reach, doesn’t mean we’re prostitutes. Unless you’re talking Lamborghini money. Then we are prostitutes. Obviously.
  • Spotify playlist placements. Anything on the Dirty House radio playlist on Spotify is a tune that has been featured in the podcast. If it is not in the podcast – it is not going to be in that playlist. And, if it’s not something Vato’s heart feels like playing – it is not going in the podcast.
  • Anything that isn’t house. Really, what are we supposed to do with trap, moombah, hardstyle, techno or polka? Thing entire thingie is called Dirty House for a reason.