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Saturday 2023

Flava D


It is that time again! Brace yourselves for our McDirtyHouse burger of this month. Topped with the best flavour from the UK; Flava D. Last time she entered our room, there wasn’t much left after she did. That is, except for a venue full of ravers that never wanted to go home. A legendary producer and DJ like only a select few!

For starters we serve a tasty tech house veteran; DJEAU. Next up are the Dirty House bastards themselves; Vato Gonzalez & MC Tjen. UK’s finest – Flava D – as the main course. For desert we’ve got our new little Dirty House sister; Merow. Those ladies will squeeze the last energy out of your legs before sun rises.


  • Early Bird € 12,00
  • Presale € 15,00
  • Doorsale € 15,00


23:30 – 00.30 DJEAU
00.30 – 02.00 Vato Gonzalez & MC Tjen
02:00 – 03.30 Flava D
03.30 – 04.30 Merow