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how to listen


If you don’t have a podcast app, or adding the RSS feed sounds a bit complicated; Mixcloud. Free, great iOS/Android app and mobile website. No signups. Just click & play. Follow the Dirty House radio playlist on Mixcloud.

Apple Podcasts

  • Subscribe link

    Open the Apple Podcast page. If you’re logged in, you can subscribe and get the podcast automatically and free.

  • Look it up in the app

    If you’ve already got Apple Podcasts (or iTunes), you should be able to find by searching for “Dirty House radio”.

  • Manually adding the RSS feed.

    In the (desktop) app, go to “iTunes > File > Subscribe to podcast..” and paste the RSS feed link.

Podcast app

Copy the link to the RSS feed and paste it where the application asks for an RSS feed to subscribe to.

Spotify (playlist only)

Since 2018 the podcast has been banned from Spotify. We’d love to get it back, but they no longer support music podcasts. However, we do maintain two Spotify playlists. The Dirty House playlist and the Dirty House (archive) playlist. The first one is updated monthly with an entirely new set of tunes. The archive is also updated monthly, but we don’t remove anything. So, that adds up to 34+ hours of non-stop music now. Choice is yours!


We have a difficult relation with Soundcloud. Where Mixcloud is -literally- built van de grown up for mixes; Soundcloud is not. So, we have deal with the occasional copyright strike. So, it’s best to follow the Dirty House radio playlist. We’ll make sure it stays up-to-date.


Trying to keep the episodes online became a day job due to copyright violations. So, we don’t even bother anymore.